About Calico Rock

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Imagine a place

virtually unchanged in time.

Calico Rock was named by the fur traders and Native Americans traveling the river. The sun hitting the bluffs at a certain time of day gave it the color of the calico fabric, so they named it Calico Rock. The river was a main source for commerce from 1823 - 1901. It is a majestic river that brought all types of people to the area. Today It has become famous for its world class trout fishing and a location for relaxation.

As you stroll along the historic downtown area you will notice a colorful mural telling the history of this town. Starting with the Native American. Signs in the store front windows help bring that buildings history to life, telling what each buildings was in their hay day.

The buildings on Main Street are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.These beautiful crafted limestone building now are thriving new businesses for your enjoyment. Restaurants, Wagon Wheel Antique store, Calico Rock Heritage Museum and Visitors Center, Tomlinson Art and Science Center and Artisan Cooperative all provide interesting places to visit and enjoy.

The walking tour of the Historic East Calico District , also know as Peppersauce Ghost town,take you back to an earlier time telling stories of the colorful characters of their time and its history on signs posting in front of building. The limestone buildings from the early 1900s era of Calico Rock are still standing. This was the center of commerce for the area up until the 1950.

But a trip back in time isn't all that Calico Rock has to offer. Come and try the world class trout fishing, canoeing, tubing and kayaking on the majestic White River or just take a boat ride. There is plenty of choices and family fun. Take a ride through the hills on our curving back roads into the Ozark Mountains this is also a trip to remember.

Come pull up a chair and be ready to relax and absorb the beauty and peace of the Ozarks. Let your cares fade away in our special town of Calico Rock.